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RBS Remembers 1914-1918 is RBS’s contribution to national and international efforts to commemorate the centenary of the First World War.

The centenary is an opportunity for all of us to reassess one of the most extraordinary and terrible periods in our history. Looking back from a distance of 100 years, there’s a lot we can learn about the courage and commitment of a past generation, and about how those times shaped the world we still live in today.

This site explores the First World War from the perspective of RBS and 29 other banks that later became part of RBS, NatWest, or our other modern-day banks. Every family, community and company had its own unique experiences in the war. These are ours.

The section on Banking in wartime explores the business of banking in the period 1914-18, complete with new national responsibilities, new customer needs, and the requirement to keep business running as normally as possible.

Our people looks at the wartime experiences of our banks’ staff, whether they stayed behind in the banks or went away on active service.

Our Fallen is a searchable database of the 1,582 employees of our banks who were killed on military service during the First World War.

Aftermath and legacy examines the short term and long term after-effects of the war, some of which have lasted all the way up to the present day.

Throughout the site, you can follow links to related pages and case studies exploring the wartime experiences of individual bank workers and their families.



The First World War centenary

RBS is one of over 1,400 members of the First World War Centenary Partnership, led by Imperial War Museums. Find out more about commemoration activities at


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