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RBS remembers 1914-1918

RBS remembers

1,582 members of our staff were killed in the First World War. Each one of them is commemorated on this site.

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The first day of the Battle of the Somme was the bloodiest in the history of the British army.

Queenie was one of the few women already working in a bank before the war.

Zeppelin raids occurred at night, when the banks were empty of people.


Banking in wartime

In all their long history, Britain’s banks had never experienced circumstances like those of the First World War.

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Our people

Whether they went away to fight or stayed behind to keep the banks running, life was transformed for all our staff.

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Aftermath and legacy

In all sorts of ways, the First World War shaped the world we still live in today. 


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Our fallen

1,582 members of our staff lost their lives during the First World War. 


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Part of a global commemoration led in the UK by the Imperial War Museums

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