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RBS remembers

1,582 members of our staff were killed in the First World War. Each one of them is commemorated on this site.

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Royal Air Force pay slip issued by Holt & Co in the RAF's first month, April 1918

After four terrible years, the end of fighting was a cause for celebration.

The securities office at Holt & Co, undated

All our banks erected memorials to staff who had died in the war.


Temporary branch set up by National Provincial Bank of England to serve customers at army camps, 1914

Those who fought in the war were a unique generation, and their experiences deeply affected the rest of their lives.


Banking in wartime

In all their long history, Britain’s banks had never faced circumstances like those of the First World War.

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Our people

Whether they went away to fight or stayed behind to keep banks running, life was transformed for our staff.

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Aftermath and legacy

In all sorts of ways, the First World War shaped the world we still live in today. 


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Our fallen

1,582 members of our staff lost their lives during the First World War. 


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